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News flash: portable equipment continues to rise in popularity throughout the rock, sand, gravel, and mineral processing industry. Whether modular or fully mobile, portable aggregate equipment can offer excellent production flexibility to meet changing needs based on seasonality and contract requirements, which modern operators are looking for. Portable screening and crushing plants are economical to operate, too.

Are you ready to consider mobile equipment for your operations? Here at 万博客户端2.0版本, we've got decades of material handling and mineral processing experience at the ready to help you set up an efficient circuit—either modular or stationary—that will enhance your operation's overall performance.

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At 万博客户端2.0版本, we offer heavy-duty portable crushing and screening equipment that will bring a new level of flexibility to your operations. We are experts at supplying, setting up, and optimizing new custom portable mobile or modular plants and retrofits into existing operations.

We are also experts at helping you meet budget goals. Are you stuck on the question of how to find cost savings in your current circuit? Introducing new modular equipment at various stages—or totally overhauling your operation to be mobile—could save you real money.

万博客户端2.0版本 can help you better understand your operating parameters and overall production goals to decide which equipment—mobile, modular, or fully stationary—will work best.

Don't go it alone when choosing any aggregate processing equipment when you can put our production experience to work for you.

Types of Portable 万博客户端2.0版本

There's no argument. Mobile and modular plants are a hot commodity now, and they will almost certainly remain popular in the coming years based on the many benefits they bring to operations.

Whereas stationary crushing and screening plants used to offer unmatched efficiency and production speeds, mobile equipment has caught up in recent years. Portable equipment is surprisingly economical to use, regardless of whether you plan to purchase or lease your equipment. You can also find modular and mobile versions of nearly every type of aggregate processing equipment today—from rock crushers to screens to washing equipment—though crushers and screens are the most popular portable plants.

Modular Crushing Plant

Modular Crushing Plants

If you need to move your crushing plant more than once a year to multiple job sites, you are likely better off investing in portable equipment, which may be track-mounted or freestanding in design. These self-contained plants are better suited to smaller projects and can be moved from project to project as necessary. They are often still not quite as efficient and have less capacity than stationary plants, but they can be more cost-effective in the long run if you have multiple projects in different areas.

Mobile Screening Plant

Mobile Screening Plants

Horizontal screens are commonly used in portable screening plants (versus incline screens). This type of equipment will typically vibrate with either linear motion or an elliptical motion. Both movement patterns are effective, but the linear—or straight-line—motion produces high G-forces to help dislodge material and propel it across the screen. Often, crushing and screening can even be combined into a single portable mobile, track-mounted unit for ease of transport.

Portable Wash 万博客户端2.0版本

Portable Wash 万博客户端2.0版本

As specifications become more stringent, aggregate manufacturers have to find smarter ways to wash and classify material effectively. Operations based in pits or quarries especially need more effective methods of washing and classifying—and sometimes this means bringing in portable washing equipment for an efficient and flexible way to meet production goals.

Mobile and modular washing equipment like screw conveyors, log washers, and wet dust suppression systems may be a great addition to your aggregate production plant.

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How to Know Mobile or Modular 万博客户端2.0版本 May Be Right for Your Operation

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Portable crushing and screening plants can be used for rock, sand, gravel, and even RAP (reclaimed asphalt pavement) production, and the pros at Kemper can help you determine if portable and modular equipment is right for your application. However, if the following points sound like you and your aggregate or mineral processing operation, mobile and modular plants are probably a good choice.

You Want Lower Operating Costs

Mobile equipment can lower processing costs—period. The initial investment is often much less than building a stationary plant, which can help you preserve capital for other expenses like maintenance.

It's true that mobile equipment can be ideal in terms of long term cost and production flexibility, too. Portables can add capacity quickly so you can meet changing contract or seasonal requirements. And with the rise in portable equipment's popularity, a new way of procuring equipment is also growing—leasing—instead of traditional financed buying.

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Your Business Requires You to Move Sites Frequently

Your work may take you to several sites in a given week or month. Having portable equipment allows you to wrap up work at one location, perform any routine maintenance, and then head over to the next site the same day—with plenty of time to get the job done.

Stationary plants require more equipment and vehicles if they need to travel between locations. Mobile units are often wheel or track-mounted and ready to be towed to a new site with little prep. Sticking with a portable setup will give you the freedom to take your equipment where you need it without the expensive overhead of extra vehicles or high fuel costs.

You're Looking For Reliable 万博客户端2.0版本 That Performs Efficiently

Portable crushers, for example, can include three different crushing machines—or three different stages—in one unit. Jaw crushers are the typical primary crushing equipment used in portable crushing plants, known for their quality, efficiency, and multi-functionality. Even better, portable jaw crushers—along with portable cone crushers and others—are designed to be strong and withstand performance in a wide range of industry sectors, making them reliable for mobile operations.

The best way to find the right mobile or modular crushers, screens, and washing equipment—as well as replacement parts—for your operation is to work with a knowledgeable material handling solutions partner like 万博客户端2.0版本.

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Portable Plant
Portable Plant
Portable plant with CH440 cone and screen
Terex MPS modular system with screen unit

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