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              Penn 万博官方网站3.0 is your premium supplier and processor of specialty stainless steel, high temperature stainless grades, corrosion resistant stainless grades and duplex materials — in multiple product forms, including stainless steel plate, bar, tubular and structural forms.  All stainless steel products can be cut to your exact requirements.

              Expansive Section of 万博官方网站3.0 , Stainless Steel Sheet, Bar Tubing, Pipe, and More!


              1. Stainless Plate & Sheet


                Penn Stainless inventories stainless steel flat rolled product in over 30 grades of stainless, from light gauge sheet through 6” thick stainless steel plate.

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              2. Stainless Steel Bar

                Stainless Steel Bar

                Large inventory of stainless steel bar products. Stainless steel round bar is inventoried through 26” diameter. Expansive inventory of stainless steel square, hex, rolled flat and more.

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              3. Stainless Pipe & Tube

                Stainless Pipe & Tube

                Penn Stainless stocks stainless tubular products from small OD up through 96” diameter pipe. Tubular products can be supplied in over 40 grades of stainless steel, duplex or nickel alloys.

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              4. Structural Stainless Steel

                Structural Stainless Steel

                Expansive inventory of stainless steel structural. Custom shapes can be manufactured upon request. Learn more about our laser fused beams.

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              Exclusive: PENNMET 2000

              PENNMET 200 Stainless SteelPenn 万博官方网站3.0 offers a unique product for the machining industry–in stainless steel 万博客户端2.0版本 , Squares and Hex bars. Our proprietary grades of stainless steel machining bars in 304/L and 316/L are melted to a uniquely controlled chemistry to produce optimal machining characteristics–faster cutting speeds, reduced tool wear and lower cost parts.  Learn more about our PENNMET 2000 machining bars online, or talk to one of our sales associates for more details.


              High Performance Plasma Cutting

              Penn Stainless is pleased to offer Stainless Plasma cutting through 6.25” thick stainless steel plate. We have recently installed two new Koike Aronson Versagraph Millennium Series Plasma Cutting Systems (Model 3100).  The system features Hypertherm HPR800XD HyPerformance® Plasma technology, which enables powerful precision cutting for superior quality and consistency up to 6.25-inch-thick stainless steel plate.

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              ISO 9001 Certificate

              Penn 万博官方网站3.0 is pleased to announce that we have been certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard by National Quality Assurance, U.S.A.  ISO 9001 is a family of standards for quality management systems maintained by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).  The standard is recognized world-wide, identifying those that employ best practices and continuous improvement

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